Bonhabibi invented The Shape Of Me

I was born in Singapore and proud of myself living and working in Singapore, Indonesia and France. Paris is a capital for fashion. France is One of the best place for Arts. French Culture is Design, Music, Foods, Breads and drinks. My career from Hotel line, Office work, and Teaching. Fashion Designer/Pattern Maker and Consultant for Cross-Cultural in Paris. I am more in arts field, and loved playing on a keyboard is Digital Yahama Organ. I enjoyed travelling, and have been working in few countries. Language communications in English, Mandarin, Bahasa Malayeu and French, Cantonese, Hokkien and Teochew. Bon Bisous is French Culture. Last thing to learned is arabic langauge, and people loved to says…Habibi. I loved to invent in MY own style Design and make different Patterns. Chose the name Bonhabibi ..Bon is used by french people mean Good, Habibi often heard from Egypt and Arab countries…😜


Design and Pattern

I invented a new concept art design between fashion and accessories items. The concept pattern created by me. Using good yarns to craft a doll in all sizes. “Ma poupée dans une famille” #Petitefleur #jesuispetite

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