Thank you to Pat Mok recommended me to Facebook. I am more in Arts and Music, and to joined facebook as a member what am I doing in facebook. I started adding dj or musicians in facebook. I interested musicians who loved to played a music instrument, or who can sing so well. I ended adding all kinds of people in facebook, and slowly discovered what type of people I liked to communicates. I loved music so first thing in mind to talked about music than arts subject. It is due after finished studied in ESMOD PARIS, I ended as a Fashion Consultant, worked independently as a free lance design and pattern maker for fashion industrials. There is rules and regulation that music for fashion show must be original copyright who is the compositor for music notes tune. I met few dj who loved to composed music arrangement. I shared my experinced to them since I am also a musician but do not have time to process my own tune. So, I share my point of view of Art of Love in Music for fashion show. Each music present differently for the fashion show. How models acted and dance on the show, so music must have the right tune for them. This music was composed by a dj, met in facebook and we talked about music tune notes, the sound system expression for the show. He do the arrangement and I added some of it, the sound rythem. This music is belong to me under my company name COCOTIAN. Music is not allowed to sell, this belong to my company and only for fashion show or my personal website displayed. It may not be the same like everyone because I want something unique. At least we composed a rythem for fashion show. I am looking forwards to compose the next music tune. Is the bees sucker. Have a nice day, and have fun reading… your commends is noted and I am appreciated. Abientot…

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