Bonhabibi Design collections 2021

The Shape of Love is an #artoflove a creative #design that comes in all kinds of shape form. It started making many perfume #bottledesign from small to big. The yarns from #turkey and #egypt #india The smallest tiny #ballederose #petitefleur design for #accessories and now the smallest tiny soft toy, and head design has to be a #petitefleur shape that the leaves is hairstyle design. Everything will be used #cottonyarns #cottontextile Is a prototype design pattern. The future for this tiny toy will be using good #yarns with good #thecolorsoflove … It will be a different shape body expression. A Boy toy will be 1 big leaf shape like a chap design. Girl will be 2 to 4 leaves design shape for the head. The coming original design will be using #egyptcotton and #egyptyarns Have a good weekend 🙂

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