BONHABIBI recylce this plastic ball, and invented a shape of love in #rose head and soft toy body #design using #yarns #cottontextile

I discovered from Guinness stout Can drink. My father favourite drink during evening time for dinner. This indeed giving me a new idea concept design.

To safe everything to have a green environment, I started using this #plasticball and invented a #rose head #design #petitefleur apart from that it can be an accessories. In general is 360° rounded shape #ballederose but for a toy design is half leaves form shape. #photograghy using #samsungmobile

This toy design 😍 can be used in many ways. A humour joke #BON #HABIBI is #Bonhabibi….”Ma femme comme ca” it mean my wife like that. Not only as a #designer is more on #artoflove out from #artschool Her dress code design. A toy that bring you a good souvenir. To create this toy design it can hang in your car, or anywhere you want it. But for those who want to give to his girlfriend, it will be another colors design dress code, and the head shape of love will be another style. Some toy head without a plastic ball, it can be a wood head. In general to put good #sweetfragrances perfume without alcohol on it. Not to damaged the yarns, due to many hours working 1 full toy design. If the toy is dirty you can wash and squeeze out the water without twisting the toy. Gentle with it like how you handle a young baby. After squeezing out the water just dry it under the sun. This toy is fully #handsmade and inside filled with #cottontextile and #cottonyarn . This is my first sample a #prototype #patternmaker #design #margaretyickdesignfr #madeinFrance the dress worked separately in #dentelledesign it presented like a #weddingdress to be unique design. All toys design dressing code will be different style. It comes in 4 seasons. Thank you your attention ☺ 🤫Your french romance without a good #music is bored in life #musicislife but this first toy is funny if you loved playing a toy 🤭 #Bonhabibi on #ballederose

When your friends see it, you should tell story in it.. #jesuispetite #petitefleur

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