Little Chinese Lantern #Petitefleur

Do you know the coming Chinese Moon Cakes Festival, you will see the children holding lantern. All kinds of shape of form designs with light on it. The olden time we used paper lantern, and put a candle on it. Very beautiful lanterns. Is a chinese tradition, we sit, watch and talk to the moon, asking for helps. Just like you do your prayers, but we carry in art and history on it. On this day the chinese people will gather together, and cheering the moonlight night. The moon should be rounded, clear white color. I was told by grandma at the age 3 years old, saying you must talk to the moon, ask for something else. If the moon is covering by the dark cloud, We will make noise by using the drum chasing the black cloud. Chinese people still carry on this tradition way of life, supersitious about Moon. I think history and arts never can go away. Is a culture and telling stories to kids about colors of lantern, and not white lantern. We will eat moon cakes, nuts, candies and drink chinese hot tea. Watch the moon and do our prayers… asking moon to give 1 thing. If received, next year must repay something to the moon. Here I present you my little lantern make by yarns, as you know we grown up we don’t carry lantern, but we wear lantern. The fragrance smell for lover to smell it. The romantic night under the full moon.. All children will get a lantern yarn design or paper colors lantern. You can read at google.. #mooncakesfestival #chineselanterndesign

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