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Project Name … Bonhabibi Design Accessoires

Project Name … BONHABIBI

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Infact it was not a bad idea having some exclusive tech items. Mainly can see all my artwork designs and also listening dj and singers music and songs. Apart from that, I download my worked into this Samsung Gear watch, and I was told this time I call directly from my watch without using my mobile. I really loved this new mobile, back to the old times flip mobile and small. Actually sometimes when I think of having something new, it arriving after few months. Satisfied this flip mobile was good, its small and i can just keep in my pocket and ear plug without mobile, or switch on my music from watch. I had been using iphone before but I preffered samsung included my small Dex laptop but HP laptop is good too for my worked. Not going to carry big laptop when travelling. But the good quality is important. I found a pen got it from a 5stars hotel in Malaysia. In general touch screen using fingers or laptop have a pen, but got this pen which i can used in my watch, laptop or mobile. The samsung gear watch most of the belt for watches the design is simple, so I added my own design on it to highlight it. Is small tiny #petitefleur designed by me. I also can see facebook or someone sending messages to me, the gear watch is fantastic. After 4 gear watch, the last model is very good. To take photos sometime I used another mobile also from #samsung Well, it is costly but at least happy with it. Have a nice day…

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