Logo Design for Bonhabibi

Logo Made in France by Margaretyickdesign.fr
Come With Me … Is the Bees who loved to fly around, laying eggs and sucking the #petitefleur in the field. That is how the Bees producing honey and royale jelly. This music composed by http://www.margaretyickdesign.com who is an organist player. and now linking to her websites. Not for sale, is about #musician who loved music #musicislife #musiclovers Have fun sharing everyone to cheer up days and nights. The next coming music rythem is Kiss from a Rose
In life rain and shine, put your hands worked on it harder each day and night. Music is my Life, and design is my career. Way of Life loved Music And Design. EVERYDAY IS NOT THE SAME DAY… kiss from a Rose .. to my dearest sister Rosie Magalotti

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